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Times are tough in the building industry right now, and chances are only the best building contractors are going to weather the storm. If asked, most builders will claim to be the best, and many, I'm sure, even believe it. But ask them what makes them different, what they do that all the other don't, and most won't know how to answer. Well, we at Fine Built Construction have an answer.

Before you sign a contract with Fine Built, our staff will have solicited bids from many of the area's best sub-contractors; you will see these bids, you will know the costs, and you will know why one sub-contractor was selected over another. When you receive an estimated cost of building your home, you will know that number was built on something more than crossed fingers and good intentions.

Once you've signed your building contract with Fine Built Construction, the billing process will be completely transparent. Invoices from sub-contractors will be available should there be any questions about cost, and the scheduling of each part of the building process is completely accessible. You will know what's happening on your property, what's expected to happen, and how much it's expected to cost.

At Fine Built Construction we pride ourselves on building the highest-quality homes on the tightest schedule possible. This is not an idle boast; our target is to build your home in six months, start to finish, and we can provide the references to prove that it can be done. We are highly-experienced in scheduling the building process efficiently and in providing the best, most efficient sub-contractors.

What does this mean in simple dollars and cents? How about fewer months paying a mortgage on a property you're not occupying, for starters. You've waited long enough to build your dream home; why spend any more time than necessary waiting for it to be built?

Let's face it - first impressions matter. And the first impression many of your clients and customers have is of where you do business. What does your place of business say about you? Is yours a business on the move? Innovative? Compelling?

Fine Built Construction has extensive experience building commercial structures of all types and sizes, from the most modest of offices to mega-churches and shopping malls. We bring all the attention to detail, budget transparency, and scheduling efficiency that we're renowned for to bear, providing the most cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing commercial buildings for any needs.
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