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Our Bidding Process
When considering which contractor should build their home, many homeowners overlook one relevant fact: Most construction bids aren't worth the paper they're printed on. This isn't to say most contractors are dishonest; they're not. But the truth is they simply don't have the time or resources to solicit multiple bids for every item involved in building your home.

Before you sign a contract with Fine Built, our staff will have solicited bids from many of the area's best sub-contractors; our goal is three to four for each category. You will see these bids, you will know the costs, and you will know why one sub-contractor was selected over another. When you receive an estimated cost of building your home, you will know that number was built on something more than crossed fingers and good intentions.

Once you've signed your building contract with Fine Built, the billing process will be completely transparent. Invoices from sub-contractors will be available should there be any questions about cost, and any changes resulting in deviations from expected cost will be documented. The only surprises we want our clients to experience is the delight of seeing their dream-home built more quickly and more expertly than they would have thought possible.

Getting To Work
From the moment we've broken ground there will be an experienced "Project Manager" dedicated to supervising the construction of your home. Our standards are high, and it's our Project Managers who ensure that our standards are maintained by every sub-contractor that sets foot on our site. We are also highly-experienced in scheduling the building process efficiently, so there are no unnecessary and expensive "down" periods when progress is allowed to languish.

Fine Built Construction has recently built homes as far from our main office as Sylva, Highlands and Banner Elk, NC. No matter where the building site is, the Project Manager ensures it receives the same level of supervision as one we're building right here at home.

Keeping the Homeowner Involved
Most of the homes we build are for clients who live elsewhere. Nothing is more important to an absentee owner than being able to get in contact with their builder. Our office and field-staff ensure our owners of reliable communication via phone, email and the internet at any time of day.

Being fully-staffed also allows us to maintain our website, keeping our client's personal pages up to date. That's right - each homeowner can follow the progress of their home via the internet. Pictures are added weekly, and scheduling is kept up to date so you know what's happening at your home and can share the progress with family and friends at any time.

The Final Word
Fine Built Construction is blessed to be thriving in this difficult business environment, and we are humble enough to acknowledge the source of those blessings. That being said, we also know that much of our good fortune is a result of our reputation for quality, efficiency, and honesty that we've worked so hard to earn. We would love for you to be a part of our story.
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